Graduation Requirements

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Degree Requirements
Undergraduate: All students working toward a baccalaureate degree must meet the following basic requirements for graduation:
• At least 60 credits must be completed in liberal arts and sciences
• Satisfactory completion of 120 total credits
• Cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.00
• Completion of major requirements with a discipline GPA of at least 2.00
• Completion of Keuka College general education requirements
• Demonstration of English Proficiency (see below)
• Passing the Field Period assessment done by Keuka College
English Proficiency Requirements
The Keuka China Program requires each student to show evidence of English language proficiency.
1. Required English language proficiency documentation:
• CET-4
2. Required English proficiency levels.
• IELTS 5.0 or higher
• TOEFL ibt 60 or higher
• CET 4 – level 4 (>425)

3. Deadline for reaching required level:

4. Satisfactory Progress

• For the classes entering 2012, 2013 and 2014: If no English proficiency report is submitted, or if the score is below and minimum requirement, a student may continue to take KCP classes for the fall semester but may not continue to take KCP courses in the spring semester (Spring 2016). A student may not take any future classes until reaching the required English proficiency level.

• When a student submits the required English proficiency score report, and student may resume taking KCP classes.

• The student must also meet all other graduating requirements within 2 years after the original graduation date.
Graduation Audit
The Keuka College Registrar’s Office will perform a thorough audit of the student’s academic record to ensure that all graduation requirements listed above have been fulfilled.During this eva-luation process the final determination is made to approve the student for degree conferal.
The Registrar’s Office will promptly notify the KCPI Asia Office of all graduation audit results. The student’s file must contain the following:
• Chinese Partner University transcript (Chinese and English) showing valid transfer coursework (90 credits) 
•English proficiency certification (as listed above)
•Keuka College transcript showing completion of Keuka China Program courses (30 credits) and processed transfer credit (90 credits above)
Degree Conferral Date
Keuka China Programs will have two official degree conferral dates each year: June 30 & December 15. The student’s official degree conferral date will appear on the diploma and the transcript.
Students expecting to graduate on June 30 will have until July 31 to complete all degree requirements. Likewise, students expected to graduate on December 15 will have until December 31 to finish their degree requirements. No diploma will be issued to any student until all requirements are fully completed.